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Custom Tailored Sports Specific Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation 

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Have you been missing out on activities that you enjoy due to a complex or chronic injury?

Are you afraid that you won't recover to the point that you can do the things that you want to do?

Do you believe that you could get better if only you cound find the right professional to help?

Clients who Benefit Most


Believe recovery is possible and are willing to sustain the focus required to achieve their goals. 


Are ready to invest their  time, energy and resources  into  themselves, their health and their future.


Appreciate the value in the professional expertise and personal attention that I deliver to ensure their success.​ ​​

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What Clients Say

"Physical Therapy is her passion and it shows"

"Elyse is simply THE BEST. Her approach is personal and definitely not 'one-exercise-fits-all.' I was living with worsening hip pain for five years and had seen several PO's when my doctor referred me to Elyse. After only a few sessions, she correctly isolated the underlying condition and worked with my doctor to develop a comprehensive and effective treatment plan. I have gone from barely able to walk to participating in the water sports I love and playing golf." –DL

"Nobody else has been able to help me the way that she has"

"Thank you for believing in me and shedding light on a situation that at one time seemed so dark.  I am back to running, working out my legs and even playing hockey. My knee/leg is stronger than it's ever been and feels great" JW

"I see her as that rare combination of a scientist and a healer"

"Elyse is that rare medical professional that truly seems to care about her patient’s improvement and recovery. I now feel confident that I will return to my old athletic self."–NM

"Because of her I am now back at the gym and doing things that I love"


What We Offer

  • One  to One, Personalized  Attention
  • Sports Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Sport Specific Injury Prevention Education 
  • Movement Retraining
  • Root Cause Analysis and Correction
  • Post Surgical Care 
  • Spine Conditions 
  • Balance and Stability Programs
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Custom Home Exercise Programs 

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